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Cube Two

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Cube Series - C2
Suitable for
minimalist life style living
Futuristic, Streamlined

Nestron Cube Two

C2 is built to accommodate 3-4 members medium-sized households, designed with an open concept and a bigger living room area for more entertainment and fun-time activities with your loved ones. We also designed a special skylight dome for C2, allowing families to share the fun of star-gazing and satisfy children’s curiosity of nature and the universe. Double bedrooms allow space allocation to be properly organized while optimizing the space with a storable area up to 10-15%. Hence, if your family needs a two-bedroom living space, C2 is the perfect choice for you.

Indulge in the future of modern living, which is modular, eco-friendly, and smart, it redefines modern living with style and efficiency
A futuristic and modern era house tailored to your needs
  • A backrest sofa chair to relax in style and comfort
  • Dressing table designed to offer ample of storage space

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Unit Specifications

Spacious open concept layout with 1 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms

Length   9m | 29' 6"
Width   3.6m | 11' 10"
Height   3m | 9' 10"
32.40 sqm | 328.75 sqft
≈ 9500 kg | 9.5 t | 10.47 tn | 20943.91 lbs
Unit Layout
Bedroom, Kitchen & Living, Wet & Dry Toilet/Bath, Blinds Divider
Fine Decoration & Fully Furbish
Pest control
Termite Resistant
Fully Furnished
Kitchen: Built-in Cabinets, Sink
Living Room: Dining Table, Sofa
Bedroom: Built-in Bed Rack, Wardrobe, Bar Counter
Bathroom: Shower, Towel Rack, Basin


Wet & Dry
Separated Bathroom

Smart Lock

Go OFF-GRID with
our Solar Panel add-on

Sturdy Structure


Personalization & Customization

We deliver mobility solutions with our personalised approach for your private and business needs.

With Platform
Customize Platform Layout


The high-quality materials and steel construction assure the safety and comfort of your family. High-level isolation keeps you away from external temperatures, sounds, hurricanes, and even earthquakes.​

Earthquake Resistance

Typhoon Resistance

Water proofing

Fire safe

Inner wall: fire resistance > 1 hour
Exterior wall: fire resistance > 2 hour

Sound Isolation

Exterior walls > 55dB
Inner walls > 52-53dB

Thermal isolation

Double insulation + interlayers wall technology, one-way breathing layer

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*The new version of the layout is slightly different from the video.


Our construction technology is patented and obtained the approval.

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Nestron is a new generation of Tiny Living. Each house is fully prefabricated, delivered in ready-to-live formula. The products come in with built-in furniture and a smart home system.

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