Legend One

Legend One

We envisioned a product that inherits the traditional housing characters yet visuals to be timeless, that was the spark of inspiration behind how Legend Series came to life. The inspiration of Legend 1 creation is through giving the classic container cabins a modern twist, where it portrays a fusion of timeless design with traditional housing characteristics. The design is adorned with warm interior colors to create a homey and welcoming atmosphere offering you a lovely living space more than ever.


Floor layout

L1 floorplan

Interior View

Take a peek inside the Legend One.

Fully Furnished

We made sure you can move in the day your house arrive. Simply unpack, plug and live.


  • Built-in Cabinets
  • Sink

Living Room

  • Dining Table
  • Sofa


  • Built-In Bed Rack
  • Wardrobe
  • Bar Counter


  • Shower,
  • Towel Rack
  • Basin


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