First full-fledged house in the world.

Less effort, more life.

Pick in, plug it in - and live anywhere.

Nestron is the first fully prefabricated, integrated and equipped house in the world. Zero construction required.

How it works

Three steps to an easier life. For the first time in history.


Simply pick your future house from our product catalogue.


Choose the place for your future home. We ship it anywhere in the world.


Your Nestron comes fully furnished. Unpack, plug in and live.

House recomposed

One-piece steel construction

Adaptive insulation

The house is suitable for living in all kinds of climates. The isolation system in walls, double-tempered glass, and fitted doors guarantee the highest possible comfort.

Solid construction

The steel structure and top quality materials guarantee the highest level of safety. Every Nestron house meet fireproof and earthquake-resistant standards.

AI System

Your Nestron is a fully integrated smart house. Use your voice to control the most important functions and let the appliances learn your way of living.

What's inside matters

Interiors designed to provide the highest possible comfort for your family. The tailor-made furnitures optimizes each inch of space for maximum functionality, convenience and style.

The future of living

Unlock the benefits of tiny living with technology and design.

Save energy

High temperature isolation, low energy usage and green-energy sources.

Debt free

You can own your house at the price of a car. Forget about a 20-years-long mortgage.

Sustainability first

Living in Nestron generates less carbon and doesn't affect the environment with the construction process.

The home everyone deserves

$18 900/up
Worldwide Delivery 15 year-warranty

Our collections

Cube series

Our futuristic line where sophisticated taste meets innovation.

Legend series

Mid-century modern interpreted through technology, built with family needs in mind.

The idea behind

Changing lives

Our mission is to make safe and comfortable housing available for everyone. Our values have roots in Papua New Guinea, where we established over 2000 households for people under need. Learn more about our story.

Save the planet

Where we live defines the way we live. At Nestron, our care for the environment reflects in our products, way of living, and initiatives. We make every house environmentally friendly, recyclable, construction-free, and powered by green energy.

Let's change the world together

We are looking for brand ambassadors, distributors and wholesalers willing to impact the world with us. Learn more about our opportunities below.

The next generation is here

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