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Redefined to provide better living for people and the planet.

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Legend One

Legend One Introducing Nestron L1 (Legend 1): A timeless modular home blending classical architecture with modern comfort. Elegant dark wood patterns adorn this sustainable dwelling for 2 occupants. Open-concept, eco-friendly, and adaptable, Nestron L1 invites you to experience the best … Read More

Legend Two

Legend Two Legend 2 series brought to the next level of spaciousness and coziness while maintaining its modern design. It inherits a seamless connection between stylish design and classical elements. Featuring sharp clean lines with an edge and deep colors … Read More

Legend Two X

Legend Two X Legend 2 X on the other hand is an extension of our Legend 2 Series while the X series has been expanded by 7.9 square meters. It showcases a luxury tiny experience as the sheer size is … Read More

Cube One

Cube One Introducing Nestron Cube 1: A revolutionary studio concept tiny home, thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 2 occupants. Its smart, cube-shaped architecture embraces sustainability and modern living. The open-concept interior maximizes space and allows for versatile configurations, effortlessly … Read More

Cube Two

Cube Two C2 is built to accommodate 3-4 members medium-sized households, designed with an open concept and a bigger living room area for more entertainment and fun-time activities with your loved ones. We also designed a special skylight dome for … Read More

Cube Two X

One step closer to the future home Cube Two X Read More Next-generation Cube Series The interior design continues the usual futuristic sustainability style of the Cube series while adding more space to the design and emphasizing the functionality of … Read More

The benefits of

Life in Nestron

Tiny housing is a new way of living. And the Nestron is a first complete answer for the unique market needs. In hand with technology, ecology, and safety standards.

Lower carbon footprint

Play your part towards a sustainable future. Living Tiny means fewer carbon emissions. The green-energy sources and water collection system reduce your carbon footprint to the minimum. Live for yourself and the earth.

Your Home Wherever Life Takes You

Moving to another city? Leave the good memories behind but not your home.
Save yourself from all the hassle of moving out of your old home and moving into a new one. Even as life constantly changes, you will have a home to stay in.

Free of loans

Own a compact, complete, comfortable and clever Tiny House with a friendly budget. Save the money on bills and live free of mortgage pressure.

Truly prefabricated



Each unit is delivered fully manufactured in one piece – ready to install in plug and live formula. The construction technology is patented and obtained the CE approval.

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Earthquake and hurricane resistance

Safety first

The high-quality materials and steel construction assure the safety and comfort of your family. High-level isolation keeps you away from external temperatures, sounds, hurricanes, and even earthquakes.​

Safety Resistance

Our homes meet the requirements of earthquake and typhoon resistance according to local required categories.

Fire safe

Exterior wall material has fire resistance exceeding 2 hours and inner wall with fire resistance exceeding 1 hour.

Sound Isolation

The sound insulation of exterior walls > 55dB, and that of inner walls > 52-53dB; The standard higher than in a five-star hotel.

Thermal isolation

Double insulation + interlayers wall technology, one-way breathing layer whereby indoor moisture may be discharged.

Don't worry about your house

Construction Guarantee

We offer 50 years guarantee for the house construction to make sure you can focus on your life. The construction technology is patented and obtained the CE approval.

Fully green house, green lifestyle

Made for people
and the earth

90% of the materials used in our construction process are recyclable. Our homes are formaldehyde, pollution, and emission-free. The solar panels system and high isolation make the house almost emission-free. The non-foundation construction curbs the environment fragmentation.

Recyclable materials

Green energy

Forward thinking

Truly smart house

The house unified like a single organism.
All the appliances, furnitures, and construction elements are integrated. The solution enables endless possibilities for Canny - our AI assistant. Let us help you relax after a hard day at work. Sit back and indulge in your well-deserved relaxation, Canny will do the work for you.

Fully Livable Upon Arrival

Convenient & complete

Our products are entirely pre-fabricated —ready to use upon arrival without further assembling and installations. Our Smart Optionally also fully-equipped with home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, TV, AC, stoves, and even water heaters to meet your daily needs. Lightings and plumbing are entirely functional.

The house tailored to you


We can customise each element to make it most suitable to your climate, family and personal preferences.

Take a peek inside our houses

The place to live

Want to take a closer look?


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We offer a wide range of customization options for our products. Starting from colour through additional appliances to personalized signatures.

Our houses don’t require any foundation. The only requirement is a flat ground.

After you receive your product, all work left is to connect the house to sewage system and electricity and remove the foils.

Yes, it’s  possible to connect the house with independent gas source. We do customise our houses according to destination market and customer demands.

We offer a guarantee on our steel frame structures that is qualified in materials and
workmanship to be last up to 50 years under normal use and operation. It is the
same as the traditional construction building warranty period.

Depending on local market standards, we implement dedicated sockets and plumbing system. 

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