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Having overnight guests can be a rewarding experience, but what happens if you live in a tiny home? Just because you’ve given up space, whether to save money or live a downsized lifestyle, doesn’t mean you have to give up all the things you love. That includes the ability to host friends and family members overnight. Thankfully, there are ways to accommodate guests in your tiny house and still be the host with the most.

Shop for Essentials Online

For anyone to sleep comfortably, they need the right bedding. That includes comfortable pillows, cozy sheets and blankets, and air mattresses to sleep on. Look for offers for all this and more at online stores, and read customer reviews to find the best quality options for your dollar. Your guests will appreciate the quality sleep essentials and the good night’s sleep they’ll get due to the added measure of comfort the right essentials provide, and you’ll appreciate the selection and prices.

There’s More Than One Type of Bed

Most people sleep in a bed with a frame, but Home Stratosphere notes there are alternatives that make for good beds. Futons, couches that fold out to beds, and padded floor mats are all excellent options for your guests and are also space-saving enough that they’d work in your tiny home. Places like Academy offer stackable cots or portable beds that can be disassembled after your guests leave, and they have free shipping on orders over $25, so you can stretch your budget as well as your space.

[Pictured: A sofa specially designed in our Cube 2X model to fit the living room space and can be used as a bed when guests come over. The sofa easily pulls out from a sectional to become a complete bed. So, you can even invite your friends or family over for a night out!]

Consider the Layout

The layout of your tiny home matters. For instance, you can use bunk bed designs to create lofts for extra sleeping areas. FYI points out you can also create cozy sleeping spaces with little effort when you think outside the box. Nestron smart homes are designed with this idea in mind. By offering a bunk bed design, you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable, relaxing sleep without feeling cramped or boxed in.

[Pictured: The bunk bed incorporated into a Nestron smart home design.]

Kids can be especially easy since sleeping bags and small spaces can feel like an adventure. Underneath tables and around corners might not appeal to adults, but for youngsters, it can be just the ticket. Also, be sure that the electronic devices get put away before bedtime. The blue light from screens can interfere with circadian rhythms.

Rethinking space and how people sleep is a great way to find solutions! These considerations can actually save you money down the line if you haven’t already built your tiny home, or if you can make some simple adjustments to an existing structure. Additionally, if you know you plan to host overnight guests frequently, look at tiny home designs from Nestron that feature two bedrooms. They are well laid out smart living designs, and you’re sure to have enough sleeping space.

Movable Furniture 

If you’re looking for the space to put the air mattress or cot you’re having your guests sleep on, remember that some of your furniture may be movable. If your kitchen has an island on wheels, move that aside. If you’ve got some storage items that can temporarily be stacked, opt for that. The more you can move to give your guests space, the more soundly they’ll sleep. 

It’s important that you keep your home clean and decluttered to optimize the living experience for you and your guests. If you have long-term guests, it might be worth renting a small, low-cost storage unit to move a few less-essential items while they’re staying with you. As a temporary fix, it can be a lot less expensive than a hotel room or a permanent addition.

Nestron offers smart furniture designs to provide more space, such as the retractable dining table in the Legend 2 model, the foldable desk in the bedroom of the Cube 2 model, the foldable bar table in the Cube 1 model, and the foldable stool in the living room of the Cube 2X model.

[Pictured: An advanced mechanism dining table in Legend Two model that folds easily and stays out of the way when open space is needed.]

Using your creativity to come up with solutions will be the way to win the space war of your tiny home. And this way, more guests will want to stay at your place, knowing they can get a good night’s sleep even in a tiny home. You’ll be the host with the most, even if you don’t have the most space!

This article is brought to you by Nestron, a fully prefabricated, integrated, and equipped house. Zero construction is required upon arrival. For more information, please visit our website or contact us today!

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