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As the housing market continues to grow in demand, people are mostly looking for a new kind of housing to downsize their homes and achieve sustainable living. This is the future of living that Nestron seeks for people. We want to create and discover more business opportunities arising from new technological housing innovations. Ultimately bringing long-term value to society, the environment and the world.


Strategic Investment

Commit to working with Nestron and accelerating the growth of our global business with a minimum capital requirement of US$10 million.
  • Expanding into global markets
  • Building a global brand
  • Serving global customers
  • Integrating the global supply chain
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Nestron Center

The first-ever housing showroom to serve the much anticipated local market. With the arrival of Nestron Centers, we will be able to service the local market in a better way.
The project is being fundraised, and all partners/investors are welcome to join.

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Nestron Center

The first-ever fundraising housing showroom project by Nestron. Demads created has bought us to the US with the leading factors below: - Ready client base with high purchase interest. - Sustainable profit investment. - Structured management. We welcome financial investors/partners to join us in this journey of the making

Authorized Dealership

Become an official Nestron Authorized Dealer in your designated area and build the brand of fully-prefabricated houses. - Expanding into local markets - Be part of a global brand - Having a sustainable revenu Enjoy benefits of being our authorized dealer and more!

We Welcome Investment Partners From A Wide Range Of Relevant Sectors And Industries. Together We Make A Difference.

Extensive Practical Innovation

Using prefabricated technology, we build both functional and stylish homes, recognized by the global market as the future of living. Thinking differently, with new and innovative solutions in the field of housing construction. Continuously expanding innovative creations that go beyond the present to create an emerging future.


Other Partnerships

We welcome investment partners from a wide range of relevant sectors and industries. Together we make a difference.

Design Development Partners

Architects and Designers Construction Project Development Product Construction Lab (eg. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Apps Development)

Supply Chain Relations

Innovative Construction Materials Electronics Equipment Home Devices

Institutional Organization

- Government
- Non-government Organization (NGO)
- Private Sector

Sustainability Goals

The design target of contributing to the protection of the planet and the global community. Our pipeline manufacturing process reduces waste and pollution by producing houses with 90% of environmentally friendly building materials. In terms of application, our houses generate less energy consumption and carbon footprint, while minimizing life-cycle environmental impact. Providing safe and eco-friendly housing for everyone, now and in the future, ensuring the sustainability of cities and communities.

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"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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For any of the above opportunities, please contact us for more information and to work together. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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Questions And Answers

Nestron provides the opportunity to let you shine! By contacting us, first off we will be setting up a meeting between you and our representatives. And then comes the evaluation process from Nestron which would require some financial information from you. From there onwards, we can work together in deciding which path to take as a business partner

The main difference between these 3 partnerships are the investment capital and strategic values that involve both you and Nestron. The easiest start-up being Retail Store where we open a Nestron Retail in the selected region catering to all sales and after-sales services.

Regional branches will be the main branch that oversees all retail operations in the selected region and Strategic Investment brings you a direct investment into the main Nestron company sharing all our platforms from manufacturing to sales operations.

The other partnership mainly covers the other specific industries that you may be interested in investing or joining Nestron other than the 3 mentioned. You may pitch your ideas and proposals to us, and we will work on a business model that is suitable for you and Nestron.

From Joint-venture to Co-ownerships. We can work on the business model that is suitable for the proposal. (Except Strategic Investment which is fixed on how the Nestron Management will hold the rights to propose our development)

Nestron is interested in working with partners that are in line with our business values and spirits. In Nestron, sustainability, technology forward, and helping others is something we hold close and dear to our corporation. Our business partners should also have the ability to see and explore both the pre-fabrication and Tiny House industry which is currently labeled as the “Blue Ocean Market” which holds many unknown opportunities for business developments. We hope to look for someone that sees the same value as us as a long-term partner.

The team is currently located in Southeast Asia with the timezone GMT+8. There would not be communication issues since the whole team speaks English but kindly bear with the delay in replies that may happen due to different timezone. We believe that this will not be an obstacle as the Nestron Organization currently does have its own foreign investors.