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Nestron aims to create 10,000 entrepreneurship over the course of 10 years.
The housing is not about construction anymore. With Nestron the house can be distributed like any other product in the world. Our homes are entirely constructed, furnished, and moveable. You don't have to experience construction reality, expertise in the prices of land, or interior design. We cover all the technical issues. You learn about the features and value for the end customer. No experience in real estate needed.


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Market tendencies

Tiny houses market is on the raise. Foremost the new technology accelerate growth.​

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YoY increase in number of tiny homes
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Average price of Tiny House

The product that is changing the industry.

What makes the difference

Nestron pioneered the whole-house assembly line manufacturing technology and export model and produced the world’s first prefabricated house that can be entirely shipped overseas for export. Our breakthrough products are designed to provide more people around the world with low-cost housing to boost their quality of housing and living environment.

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Limitless possibilities

Nestron is more than houses.
It's an innovative approach to constructions. Check our upcoming projects below.


Innovative in-office solutions


The new concept of retail solutions


Extension series on current product lines.


Discover places unachievable with traditional construction.

To make a difference

We are a mission-driven company aiming for a sustainable lifestyle available for everyone. Nestron's values reflect in our products, initiatives, and partner's relations.

  • Be open to differentiation

    Hiring wisdom of all variety without boundaries thus achieving unity in diversity.

  • The best is never the best

    Paying attention to the finest details, be patient and think twice before taking action.

  • Live low and be humble

    Be humble and cautious, unobtrusive, keep improving and strike a home run.

  • Benefiting the world

    Reaching to the public, being visionary and love without boundaries.

From single houses to new generation settlements

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