In recent months, we have seen a number of unforeseen events occur, such as inflation and the outbreak of war. As a result of these unprecedented global economic circumstances, many corporations have jacked up their prices. The challenge of getting supplies of goods and materials to where they are needed is what translates into higher prices. This eventually adds to the burden on consumers and puts a strain on their livelihoods.

As our mission states, Nestron exists to help people obtain a smart living by providing affordable housing. That is what we are all about and will always strive to provide the best solutions for people. Hence, when these events first occurred, we immediately took the initiative to address and overcome the issues that have arisen.

Our team dealt with all of our partners and managed to come up with solutions that did not burden our consumers. Through the hard work of the team, we try to keep the prices of our products as stable as possible, and at the moment we do not intend to increase them. Also, we appreciate our global shipping partners for providing us with the most efficient solutions to ensure that all our products are shipped in a good and smooth manner.

As a company based in Singapore, Nestron practices quality procedures and operations, of which Singapore is widely regarded as one of the most qualified and advanced industrial countries in the world. At the same time, Nestron respects the standards of each country, therefore our houses will be built on its quality standards.

We are committed to providing the best possible service. You will have all our support!

Stability, Quality, Efficiency

– love and support from the Nestron Team.

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