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Statement of Payment Reservation

— Executive Summary —

This Statement of Payment Reservation (this ”SOPR”) establishes the intention to invest in the Company (Nestron US LLC, ENTRUST Nestron House Pte. Ltd.), and the Company wishes to accept this Investment in exchange for equity shares in the Company.

You must select “Accept” in the drop-down menu next to the words ‘I Accept this Statement of Payment Reservation’ to officialize the investment reservation between the investor and the Company.

To review the Entrustment Agreement between Nestron House Pte. Ltd. and Nestron Center(s), kindly click here.

In consideration of the provisions and obligations in this Agreement, the Investor and the Company agree to the following terms:

— Fees —

  • Investment Reservation Fee ($10,000): This fee is due to reserve an investment opportunity in the coming Funding Project- Nestron Center.
  • This Reservation Fee serves as part of the Initial Investment
  • Total Value of Investment: the total value of Investment will be reflected in the Investor’s Agreement. The minimum investment amount for a single Nestron Center from 1 (ONE) investor is USD 100,000, and the maximum limit investment is USD 2,000,000 per center.
  • Reservation Fees are non-refundable once the investment slot is secured and confirmed.
  • If the investor fails to make any timely payment required by this Agreement, the Agreement shall be void, and Reservation Fees shall be forfeited as a penalty.
  • Reservation fees will be refunded if the project is fully funded unless stated otherwise with the consultant assigned subject to terms availability.

— process –

The Investment Reservation process is broken down into two main phases. Phase 1 is focused on securing your investment slot and amount for the Nestron Center(s) that you had chosen to invest in, and Phase 2 is focused on finalizing the investment agreement. We will follow the process outlined below. The process may be modified based on our identification of your needs.


The investor will first proceed with a 10,000 USD payment as an investment reservation fee to secure the investment slot and opportunity. This reservation fee will serve as part of the total initial Investment.

Once an investor pays for a reservation, the investor will select the total investment amount along with the NC location. The Company will then review the investor’s selection and investment amount before signing an Investor Agreement.

If the first choice of selection from the investor is fully funded, the assigned consultant will advise proceeding with any open slots available in other Centers. If the remaining available funding amount is lesser than the investment total by the investor, the consultant will advise the investors to reduce the total investment amount.

If all Centers are fully funded, Nestron will refund the deposit in full amount unless stated otherwise.

The reservation fee allows the investors to reserve 1 (ONE) investment slot for 1 (ONE) Nestron Center. A separate reservation fee must be made for different Nestron Center investment reservations. Investors are allowed to invest in more than 1 (ONE) center. Each Investment will come in a different Investor Agreement.

Example: If an investor wishes to invest in 3 (THREE) Nestron Centers, the investor will be paying USD30,000 with USD 10,000 to each Nestron Center as a reservation fee. If all Nestron Center accepts the Investment from this investor, the investor will sign 3 (THREE) Investor Agreements in accordance with the Nestron Center branch. The rejection and refunding policy applies as mentioned. 


Nestron will process to filter the investors within 30 days after the reservation is made.

Nestron reserves the right to reject any investments. A full refund of the reservation fee will be issued if the Investment is rejected.

Once the investment slot is approved by Nestron management, the investor is required to sign the Investor Agreement and make the full investment payment to Nestron within the next 14 (FOURTEEN) days. The investor is allowed to make a 7 (SEVEN) days extension for the payment upon submitted request to the assigned consultant. The extension is subject to approval by the Nestron management.

If no updates or further action is made after the 14th day, the reservation fee will be forfeited as a penalty. No refund will be issued.

The investment return, dividend distribution, and other investment-related terms will be listed in the Investor Agreement. 

— Disclaimers – 

We do not make any claims as to the outcome of any portion of your Investment. Nor do we perform services not referenced in this SOPR. Specifically:

We make no guarantees, warranties, or predictions about your investment profit projections. 

We make no guarantees, warranties, or predictions about your ability to secure investment return capital through your use of the Site or the services outlined in this SOPR. The level of success in your Investment depends on several factors, such as the business, background, motivation, commitment, and actions. We cannot guarantee a positive result in any particular investment campaign. The prior results of our other investors, including those conducting successful fundraising campaigns, do not guarantee a similar outcome.