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Why Anxious Kids Can Benefit From Tiny House Living?

Published on: 18 October 2023 (Wed)
Why Anxious Kids Can Benefit From Tiny House Living?

by Beth Rush

Tiny living has gained massive popularity in recent years. The concept of living in more optimized spaces resonated with a lot of people. Many aspire to the simpler minimalist life that comes with a tiny house. However, are there psychological benefits of living in a small space for anxious kids?

The bustle of city life or the consumerist weight of large living can mentally strain anybody, let alone children. Here are some reasons why living tiny is great for anxious children and the whole family.

Less Clutter

For anxious kids, clutter can make their mental stress worse. Too many visual stimuli in a cluttered house can stress the whole family, making it difficult to make decisions. Having excess toys or gadgets can stress kids out since they don’t know which one to prioritize.

It’s not all about an overabundance of toys — piles of clothes, trash and other messes can also cause kids anxiety. They know you’re stressed out about it, so they understand it’s not good. They might feel overwhelmed when faced with the massive task of cleaning up.

If you live minimally, you can focus on what matters and remove what’s unnecessary. The decision to live in a tiny house usually starts with paring down your belongings. While this might seem like a negative thing, it can actually make you feel better and lighter.

A Sense of Calm

Many people find smaller spaces calming. They can feel cozy and relaxing as long as they’re not cluttered. The area can feel like a refuge from anything overwhelming outside.

A smaller space also means less sensory input, which can be very helpful for neurodivergent children. Around 40% of children with autism spectrum disorder also experience anxiety. Living in a small, neat and organized home can help them with their symptoms so they can live a more fulfilling life.

Better Socialization

A small home offers more chances to socialize with your family. With bigger houses, each family member can retreat into their rooms, avoiding each other at all times. Children need to connect with their families so they can learn how to trust others, seek friendships and look for support if they need it. Being close together and openly communicating promote the psychological benefits of living in a small space for anxious kids and the whole family.

Access to the Outdoors

For tiny homes, the outdoors is an extension of your living space. Having more land encourages you to utilize your surroundings and incorporate the outdoors into your daily life.

In a large house, families might only go outside when guests are over or if there’s a special occasion, but you can take your kids outdoors to play daily in tiny homes. In addition, many tiny home designs feature large windows to help let natural light in and give the family a beautiful view of the land.

Studies show interacting with nature can decrease mental distress, increase happiness and improve social interactions. Going outside can help anxious kids regulate their stress better and feel more relaxed.

Moreover, exposure to nature can also have positive cognitive effects. Going outdoors can improve memory and attention control. Overall, combining outdoor and indoor life can greatly increase the psychological benefits of living in a small space for anxious kids.

Financial Security

Living in a tiny house automatically makes you live a simpler life. You can’t live materialistically because there’s no space for excess in your home.

When you live minimally, you forego temporary wants and seek only the essentials. You don’t feel the need to catch up to your peers and buy the latest status symbols. As a result, you will have more financial security. Tiny homes also cost much less than regular homes, so you don’t have to take out a massive loan to get one.

Living in a tiny house can relieve you of mortgage pressure. This security can help your children have a safer, more secure home. They will always feel like home is a haven where they are fed and warm no matter what.

How to Keep Your Tiny Home Comfortable

A tiny home can be relaxing and help with anxiety, but you must maintain it to keep it that way. Small spaces can feel cramped and uncomfortable when not clean or organized, making anxiety worse in children who find it hard to regulate their emotions. Here are some ways you can maintain your tiny home for better mental health:

  • Clean regularly: Keep your space clean and devoid of clutter. Messes can build up quickly in small areas, so you should clean up regularly. You can also involve your kids in cleanup to give them a sense of order and satisfaction.
  • Let go of things: Teach your children the value of letting go. When you notice your house cluttered, gather your family to do a “purge” of material things they no longer want. You can then donate these items to local charities.
  • Add some privacy: You and your children deserve privacy, even in a small home. Add strategic dividers to help create private spaces for everyone.

The Psychological Benefits of Living in a Small Space for Anxious Kids

Living in a tiny home can provide plenty of benefits for families with anxious children. It provides an environment that’s manageable, secure and simple. More importantly, it’s connected to nature and away from excess stimuli. It’s a perfect environment for families to thrive in, so consider switching to a tiny house for the various emotional, eco-friendly and cost-saving advantages.

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