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Our mission is to enable a new smart sustainable living lifestyle to bring more freedom, making a more exciting and intelligent future.

Founding story

Our founders' experience in the construction industry has exposed them to the current issues plaguing the housing market; and it is with a focus on providing alternative housing options, that Nestron was born. The core team spent decades meticulously analyzing the industry, and have been able to identify the key factors that set our designs apart from the competition. We have focused on sustainability, technological innovation and space optimization in order to produce the modern homes available today. The goal has been to provide more advance and improved options and solutions to the industry, and in doing so we are now making a higher standard of living accessible to everyone.


Nestron was founded on the core value of providing a new smart sustainable way of living by building compact modern homes with ecofriendly, user-oriented and smart features without compromising on living standards. Over the years, the core team have continued to discover and develop an alternative housing concept for the benefit of every individual and the environment sustainability.

Interstellar travel is the future.

As time continues to evolve, a new future will emerge in which people will no longer stay on one planet, but will be able to travel to outer space. By then, people will simply send their Nestron homes to other planets and be able to live in anywhere they desire. This is our passion and goal, and we will continue to breakthrough in creating homes for the future equipped with a variety of neccessity to make them safe and mobile, eventually developing homes of the future that can be sent to settle on every planet.

Houses no longer limit the scope of living.

This is what drives Nestron forward, the freedom for everyone to move their homes and achieve freedom in their lives. Who said that a home is something that has to be set still? This is a question that Nestron is answering and will continue the quest to solving while evolving into the future. Bringing your home wherever you go is what we aim to do while still keeping sustainable and affordable. Giving you the freedom to live your life without limitations!

The prototypes of fully modular house. The construction process has been moved to the factory, which enabled making solid constructions in a safe environment.

Our houses are fully equipped with a full set of home furnishing and functional equipment upon completion, and can be moved freely…



The way
we change housing.

About Nestron

Founded in 2017, NESTRON is a multinational company integrating architectural design, R&D, manufacturing and trading. The company has extensive experience and expertise in architectural design and engineering projects, especially in compact smart house design.

We insist on pursuing originality and innovation using technology to create a futuristic living space for a modern lifestyle. We continue to break through traditional restrictions, product designs and business models according to our customer needs and demands thus motivating us to explore and innovate. 

The path in industrial based business is challenging, yet we aim to strive forward with every move we make. We ensure high quality with friendly budgets for our products and excellent after-sales service to open up global market channels, however, we remind ourselves to be humble and not anxious in the path to success.

Founded in 2017, NESTRON is a multinational company integrating architectural design, R&D, manufacturing and trading. The company has extensive experience and expertise in architectural design and engineering projects, especially in compact smart house design.

Anyone has the power to change the world. We aim to improve the lives of the middle and lower income classes worldwide, without facing high mortgage fees and property prices. Only your dreams should reach the sky, not your costs.

The values

The core mission, vision and values that drives us to design and manufacture next generations of house.

Sustainable lifestyle without effort

Because we believe that everything starts at home, we equip our houses to make a living in them clearly environmental- friendly. We enable people to lead a sustainable lifestyle without additional effort. Small size, high isolation system, and built-in green energy sources make a house almost independent from external energy sources.

Finest housing simplified

The core of Nestron's values. Nowadays, the world's economic inequities and climate changes push people to live in poor conditions or provisory shelters. Our goal is to provide all the people with a comfortable and safe place to live, regardless of climate, economy, and geographical region.

Housing for people and earth

Our part towards a sustainable future. Our philosophy reflects in the way we equip, design, and produce our houses. The whole manufacturing process is conducted inside the factory - without construction harm for the environment. 90% of construction materials are recyclable. Besides, foundation-free construction won’t increase environment fragmentation.

Mission for Good

Nestron is looking to help relieve the burden on some of the homebuyers who want to purchase Nestron housing with the need of some financial aid.

Our story

Milestones of the journey to provide affordable housing for everyone


International collaboration project which sparks inspiration for Nestron.


First prototype production.


Establishment of Nestron


Nestron product design and distribution model formation.


Nestron Team Establishment


Establishment of Malaysia Operation Center


Formation of the USA Team and international expansion


Nestron Center and Dealership Project Launch

Want to change the world?

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