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Shipping process, shipping fees...

The shipping duration typically ranges from 1 to 2 months, depending on the destination and the shipping company's route.

No. However, before finalizing your purchase, our Business Development Consultant will provide you with an estimate of the freight forwarding costs according to the delivery location before you proceed.

Upon customer's official authorization, Nestron shall appoint a freight forwarding agency and act on behalf of the customer to oversee the shipment.

Yes. Before finalizing your purchase with Nestron, our Business Development Consultant will ask if you wish to opt for door-to-door delivery or delivery to a destination port. For door-to-port delivery, the customer will be responsible for arranging pickup from the destination port once the unit arrives. Prices will vary depending on the option you choose.

Yes. Freight forwarding insurance is mandatory in the shipping process. The insurance will cover, among others, liabilities as a result of loss of or damage to the cargo.

Unfortunately you are unable to 'lock-in' the shipping charges in advance as the rates are seasonal and determined by market conditions. Doing so, the freight forwarding company will be under taking unforeseen risks.

Customer will bear the costs for taxes, levies, and fees associated with customs clearance, while Nestron will act as the shipping entrusting party to coordinate with the agent for completing the customs clearance process.

Damage occurs during the shipping process is covered by the shipping insurance, which is mandatory for all purchased Nestron units. Nestron will assist customers in the insurance claim process.

Regardless of door-to-port or door-to-door shipment, customer will need to arrange for craning and contractor services for unit placement and utility connection. While Nestron can assist in sourcing these services, clients are responsible for coordinating with contractors, as site assessment may be necessary.


Payment method, payment procedure, ...

Full payment must be made before Nestron begin production of your unit. If you wish to secure your order through our online store, you may pay the 1,000 USD as a booking fee, our Business Development Consultant will contact you within 2 working days.

We accept credit card payments via the Stripe payment gateway and bank wire transfers. If you choose to pay via Stripe, please note that there will be a 3.5% service charge imposed by the platform, and this fee will be borne by the customer.

You will receive an invoice from us prior to your payment, the invoice consists of your payment terms and other secured details regarding your payment. Our Business Development Consultant will update you when payment is received. You are advised to keep your receipt for future reference.

Nestron will provide you with a Product Inspection Form where you could list out the parts of Nestron unit which do not meet your satisfaction (e.g: lights that are not working). Upon receiving the completed form, if the faults are found to be reasonable, Nestron will make good the defects and invite customer for another round of inspection until the unit meets customers’ satisfaction.

The shipping services are provided by a freight forwarding company sourced on behalf of customer by Nestron. Nestron does not earn a commission from the shipping charges.

Nestron provides free storage for one month at its manufacturing facility under normal circumstances.


Construction, materials, ...

Yes, you are able to select any color or any combination of colors after discussion with our Product Design Team. Any color change will be considered as customization and an additional fee may be imposed for such request.

The larger solar system add-on, such as that of 13kW is sufficient to power daily energy consumption of your Nestron units including lighting, floor heating and basic built-in appliances. However, the power generation depends highly on the local weather condition, hours of sunshine in a day, etc., as such we are unable to guarantee the energy provision as the factors as mentioned are beyond our control.

We have two solar system plans: 4kW or 10kW/14kW for bigger Nestron units. Not all units will require the larger capacity solar system. Our Business Development Consultant will be able to advise you on the suitable plan for your unit.

The main steel structure of all Nestron units comes with a 50-year warranty. The steel used to build Nestron units are similar to those used in residential building construction. They have strong resistance against vapor to a certain extend. Our steel goes through strict galvanizing process in order to achieve the long life span and anti-rust function.

Steel itself is an anti-pest material, thus making Nestron units pest resistant.

We plan to refresh the design of all product series regularly. The frequency of change will depend on market demands and clients' feedback.

Customization or additional insulation layers is available to suit different regulations and weather conditions. Please contact our Business Development Consultant for further details.

You can refer to how our connectors work. Basically, once your Nestron unit arrives, make sure your local contractor is there to connect the pipes for you. Once connected, it will work as a normal toilet should!

Nestron does not recommend this option . However customization option is available upon request. Please contact our Business Development Consultant for further details.

Yes, Nestron can do that. We will send you a form to fill up, informing us of the required standards and your unit will be built as per the specifications. Your Business Development Consultant will assist you in this process in getting the related documents ready.

The standard Nestron products come with anchoring feet and are all resistant to earthquakes and wind speeds of up to 105 mph. If you have any special requirements for hurricanes and earthquake resistance, please contact us to customize enhanced products that can withstand extraordinary natural disasters. We will send you a form to fill out, informing us of the required standards set by your local municipality, and your unit will be built according to the desired specifications.

Depending on the model and customizations, Nestron units weight approximately between 4 tons to 8 tons.

Yes. Depending on material availability and design possibilities. Please contact our Business Development Consultant for further details.

For major customization, a redesign and engineering fee (approximately US$30,000) will be added to the basic product price to complete your customized plan. Additionally, depending on the specific customization requirements, there may be additional costs for materials and labor, which will be assessed accordingly.

Our standard configuration includes appliances such as an induction cooker, a range hood, a water heater, smart door lock, background music player and electric blinds.

Currently smart home system not available to be added. However you may connect your own smart home system such as Alexa or Google. All smart appliances that adapt with your preferred smart home system can be purchased through Nestron if you preferred.

During a power outage you can still access your unit as the smart door lock comes with its own battery which you could easily purchase from any convenient stores. In case of emergency, you can still unlock the digital door with a physical key that comes with your unit.

A flat and stable surface will do. If your land happens to be on places of uneven or soft surfaces, please contact our Business Development Consultant, and we will advise you accordingly.

Nestron offers a floor-heating system as an add-on. This is a built-in system that allows a balanced heat distribution throughout your tiny house during winter.

Currently Nestron offers solar system as off-grid add-ons.

Nestron units can be connected to any type of off-grid systems as the piping and electric connections work just like a normal house.

The battery size varies according to the product model/ solar panel model. Kindly contact Nestron to get the configuration list.

All of our models, both custom or original design, come with a 50-year steel structural warranty and a one-year limited warranty on interior décor items such as floor and wall panels, glasses, piping and electrical wiring system, fixtures such as cabinets, smart control system, lighting, hardware and connectors. Electrical appliances, if included, also come with their own manufacturers warranties.

The entire manufacturing process usually takes between 90-120 days.

Yes. Additional configurations, such as smoke detectors and alarm systems, can be included based on customer's request.

Nestron does not recommend doing so as the main structure is made of a one-piece frame. If you insist on doing so, your Nestron warranty will be voided and we will not be responsible for any damage or consequences. If you have plans to conduct drilling modification in future, please contact our Business Development Consultant, we will then advise you with a plan to do so safely.

Your Business Development Consultant will update you from time to time on the progress of building your Nestron unit.

Yes. You will receive an invitation to inspect your Nestron unit via online video call. You are free to ask any questions and request to check any parts of the unit during the inspection call. You could also request for an independent third party to inspect on your behalf, we will inform you of the plant where your unit is located if this is requested. Once you are satisfied of the quality of your unit, Nestron will request you to sign the Product Inspection Form and we will proceed to arrange for packaging and delivery of your unit.

Yes. Nestron is happy to arrange for you to visit actual Nestron units at a location near you. Please feel free to contact our Business Development Consultant.

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