Affordable Housing Program

Affordable Housing Fund

$1.000.000 GRANT FUNDING

How it works?

Open Enrollment

Place a minimum 5000 USD deposit to qualify for enrollment.

Get a Grant

Up to 61,500USD will be granted to the selected participants to purchase the Nestron House.

Double Deposit

For non-selected participants, your deposit can be doubled to a $10,000 USD cash credit, or you can continue your enrollment or even cancel it.

1$ Million Public Welfare Housing Fund

This year, Nestron allows aspiring homeowners to own a new home with our funding support. And that is through our newly launched Affordable Housing Plan. Realize your dream and achieve your goal of buying a new home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more?

Who can participate in the Nestron Affordable Housing Plan?
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The plan is open internationally to all countries/regions and must be 18 years old and above when enrolling in the plan subject to Terms and Conditions.
How many times can I enroll in the Nestron Affordable Housing Plan?
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Each participant is limited to ONE (1) enrollment and ONE (1) category option only subject to the full compliance of the Terms and Conditions.
How many grant awards can you get in the Nestron Affordable Housing Plan?
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There is only ONE (1) winner for each model participating in the event and ONE (1) winner will be entitled to win only ONE (1) prize.
Will my deposit be refunded if I do not win any prizes?
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Yes, you can choose to refund. All transaction service charges and fees are NOT included and you are subjected according to our refund policy.
How will the Nestron Affordable Housing Plan winners be chosen?
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The winners of the plan will be chosen randomly by NESTRON.
How will I know that I have won in the Nestron Affordable Housing Plan?
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The winner(s) will be announced via email, phone or on all relevant NESTRON official social media channels. Winner(s) will need to respond to NESTRON's emails within FIVE (5) working days in order to arrange for award collection.
What is the validity of the award I claim?
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The prize(s) claimed are valid for FIVE (5) working days and will expire/disappear after the expiration date.
If I win the prize, can I exchange it for cash or other products?
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No, all prizes are non-replaceable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable for cash or in any other form, either in part or in full.

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