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Mission for Good Terms&Conditions

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Terms and Conditions 

  • General 

    • The program, rewards, and terms and conditions in respect of the “Nestron’s Mission For Good” (which shall collectively be known as “Plan”) is created, owned, and managed by Nestron House Pte. Ltd. (SG) and Nestrontech Sdn. Bhd. (MY) which both fall under the Nestron Organization. (“NESTRON”) 

    • By enrolling in the Plan, applicants are deemed to have understood and indicated his/her agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

    • NESTRON may amend any of these terms of use from time to time. Customers are advised to check on the terms of use from time to time.

    • By providing your personal data to enroll in the Plan, you have read and agreed to the NESTRON’s Privacy Policy as set forth on the official NESTRON website at and as set forth herein. You are advised to check the Privacy Policy from time to time for updates.

    • To enroll in this Plan, you must follow the instructions on our website or social media channels.

    • Each participant shall disclose detailed information in a comprehensive and honest manner in accordance with the requirements of the Plan. Misrepresentation of any fact or detail may result in disqualification, forfeiture, or withdrawal of any grant awarded at NESTRON’s sole discretion.

    • Promotions on social media are in no way sponsored, endorsed, or managed by or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, or any other social network. You are providing your information to NESTRON and not to any other party. The information you provide will be used in conjunction with NESTRON’s Privacy Policy, which is stated on our website.

    • NESTRON assumes no responsibility or liability for delays and/or failures caused by the inability of the relevant Internet Service Provider [ISP] companies and/or other relevant organizations to receive the application.


    • The open enrollment period is from April 14, 2022, at 00:00 AM EST to May 14, 2022, at 23:59 PM EST.

    • The enrollment period is fixed and you are only eligible to enroll during this period. 

    Eligibility and Criteria

    • There are SIX (6) sessions for 2022 and only TEN (10) eligible applicants who meet the terms and conditions will be selected from their application. The maximum number of applicants selected for this PLAN is determined by NESTRON at its sole discretion based on the review of each application.

    • The Plan is open internationally to eligible individuals from all countries/regions to purchase a new home from the following list:



    Financial Support


    Cube Two, C2

    Up to 50% of the respective Nestron home price.


    Cube Two X, C2X (Single)


    Cube Two X, C2X (Double)


    Legend Two, L2


    Legend Two X, L2X Folksy 


    Legend Two X, L2X Opulent


    Legend Two X, L2X Lux

    • Eligible applicants for this Plan will be based on the following:






    due to the COVID-19 pandemic 



    For housing benefit eligibility, retirees or, if you have reached the age of old age in your country.


    People with Disabilities

    An individual whose physical or mental impairment substantially limits one or more major life activities, such as walking.


    At or below Median Household Income:

    Individuals whose household income is at or below 80% of the area median.

    • Each applicant is limited to ONE (1) enrollment and ONE (1) financial assistance, subject to full compliance with the Terms and Conditions herein.

    • You are only allowed to apply ONCE. Multiple applications are prohibited. Please make sure you make only ONE (1) deposit of 5,000 USD, select ONE (1) unit and ONE (1) model, any additional application will NOT be refunded.

    • Applicants will be required to pay a 5,000 USD earnest deposit as a serious and confirmed intent to require NESTRON assistance.

    • During the application process, you will need to select a product and the application category. Once a deposit is made, the product you select will be considered final and no changes will be allowed.

    • Applicants will be contacted by NESTRON via email within FIVE(5) working days upon receipt of the application to provide proof, such as proof of income, medical review of disability, or any relevant proof requested in the email.

    • The type and value of eligible financial assistance depending on the individual’s circumstances and financial situation. The amount of the financial assistance you may receive will be approved in conjunction with the results of Nestron’s assessment and is subject to NESTRON approval.

    • Your application will be reviewed and processed within ONE(1) month after the closing date. NESTRON will check with your local agencies, your employer, or any relevant body to confirm the information. NESTRON will contact you via email within the same month to inform the status of your application.

    • Details and full payment must be provided within FIVE (5) working days after confirming the acceptance of the successful application. Failure to respond within the above timeframe listed will void the application and the deposit will not be refunded. Kindly ensure all details are valid.

    • NESTRON will send the final purchase invoice within approximately THREE (3) working days of order confirmation (with a maximum of up to FIVE (5) working days), as long as NESTRON successfully contacted the applicants and the applicants have provided sufficient information on housing delivery and all data requested. 

    • If the selected applicants cannot be contacted within SEVEN (7) working days after NESTRON has sent multiple emails, the qualification for the financial assistance will be canceled and you will be placed on the waiting list. Refunds will NOT be issued once you are selected.

    • Up to only ONE (1) financial assistance is awarded to ONE(1) selected applicant, and if the selected applicant fails to fulfill, NESTRON reserves the right to re-select the applicant without prior notice.

    • The deposit paid will be deducted from the total amount of the product purchased after the approval of your application.

    • The amount of financial assistance that is approved by NESTRON will be deducted from the total amount of the product you purchased.

    • This financial assistance cannot be used in conjunction with other discount coupons and is irreversible.

    • Financial assistance is stated as such and no substitutions and/or exchanges, such as cash (in whole or in part), non-designated products, or non-designated rewards (as defined), will be entertained. They are not transferable to another individual and are absolutely non-negotiable.

    • Financial assistance cannot be applied for by a third party on behalf of the applicant. NESTRON will not be held responsible if the applicant fails to claim. 

    • All transaction service fees, transportation costs, and taxes will be borne by the applicants.

    • NESTRON will be responsible for all procedures incurred in sending the house(s) to the applicant’s given address excluding the shipping fee and the applicant’s country Tax and Duty which consist of 13% of the product price.

    • The purchased units are default versions of the product which includes the housing unit with default appliances. (Digital Lock, Electric Blinds, Background-music Player, Range Hood, Water Heater, and Electric OR Gas Top Burner). Other add-ons are available through purchase with the net retail price.

    • The applicant agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry. Any personal data relating to the applicant or any other applications will be used solely in accordance with current Singapore data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

    • The status of all applications will be informed via email or on all relevant NESTRON official social media channels. Applicants declare that they agree to this form of contact when enrolling in this Plan.

    • For applicants who are not selected, you will be placed on the waiting list for the next session. There can be up to SIX (6) sessions.

    • Cancellation of the PLAN enrollment is applicable, subject to terms and conditions.

    • Please note that cancellations ONLY apply to applicants who have not been selected after enrolling for the first three sessions.

    • For all refunds following the PLAN cancellation, please refer to the Refund Policy. NESTRON advises that the current refund processing time is approximately ONE (1) month from the date the cancellation was accepted. All transaction service charges and fees are NOT included and you are subjected according to our refund policy.

    • Enrollment in the Plan shall be at the applicant’s own risk.

    • NESTRON shall require the applicant to provide proof of eligibility to successfully apply for the Plan, including, but not limited to, identification documents.

    • NESTRON reserves the right to cancel/ revoke any application or withdraw the approval granted for application without assigning any reasons whatsoever and without any liability.

    • NESTRON’s decision regarding the selection of the applicants, and/or in any case including any circumstances not covered by these Terms and Conditions, shall be final, binding, and conclusive on all applicants of the Plan and shall not be subject to any question, challenge or appeal may be made or entertained regarding NESTRON’s decision.

    • If the applicant is found to have violated NESTRON’s terms and conditions, NESTRON shall have the right to withhold any benefits from the services provided, with or without notice to the applicants.

    • NESTRON is not responsible for any damages caused during the delivery process.

    • NESTRON reserves the right, at its sole discretion, without prior notice and without any liability to any person, at any time to change or modify the Terms and Conditions including to change the Plan period, make reward substitutions, cancel, terminate or suspend the Plan in whole or in part, such change shall be effective immediately after publication. In the event of any changes to the Terms and Conditions, applicants agree that their continued enrollment in the Plan will constitute their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

    • NESTRON also reserves the right to cancel the Plan if circumstances arise outside of its control.

    • NESTRON reserves the right to cancel or amend the Plan and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God, or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the promoter’s control. Any changes to the Plan will be notified to applicants as soon as possible by our operation team.

    • The Plan will be governed, construed, and interpreted under the laws of Singapore and Malaysia and any controversy that arises thereof shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore or Malaysia.

    • By enrolling in the Plan, you agree to NESTRON and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and their respective employees, agents, and representatives (collectively, “Entities”) from any and all liability, claims, or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages, or losses to person or property that may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership, or use of the reward or with participation in the Plan. 

    • By enrolling in the Plan, you agree that no claim relating to such injuries, damages, or losses shall be asserted against any of the Entities.

    • The terms and conditions of the Plan are written in English, if other language(s) are available, and there is any inconsistency between the English language and other language(s), the English language version shall prevail and be binding in all respects.

    Refund Policy 

    • By submitting the request, the applicants agree that NESTRON may collect, record, hold, store, use, deal and/or process the participant’s personal data for the purposes contemplated herein and.

    • This policy applies only to the unsuccessful applicants for the plan.

    • All refunds for cancellation requests should be submitted via email to Nestron Consultants or no later than TEN (10) days prior to the start of the next session. Please include your reference number or any form of payment proof when requesting a refund for verification purposes. NESTRON will not accept refunds for any cancellation requests not made within this period.

    • Once NESTRON receives your refund request, we need to verify your details before we can process your request.

    • If the refund details are not received within FIVE (5) working days upon confirmation of your refund request or false information was given on purpose which may lead to any legal risk, NESTRON reserves the right to forfeit the deposit.

    • After the verification is completed, NESTRON will inform you about the status of your request via e-mail.

    • Only complete refund requests made via email can be processed, and the processing time will take approximately ONE (1) month from the date the request is approved. 

    • NESTRON does not offer any refunds for cancellations during the first 2 sessions of your enrollment in the Plan.

    • Refunds will be in U.S. dollars. 

    • Cash on Delivery and Cheque refunds are not available.

    • All deposit payments will be processed and refunded to the original payment method you used in the transaction. 

    • All transaction service fees and/or charges as well as additional costs that may be incurred during the refund process are solely borne by the applicant.

    • If refunds cannot be made by credit card, these deposit payments will be refunded by wire transfer. NESTRON will contact individuals who are unable to obtain a refund by credit card for wire transfer details.

    • Refunds will not be given if you do not follow proper request procedures and/or fail to present the required identification documents.

    • All refunds will be authorized after your application to the Plan has been unsuccessful for all SIX (6) sessions. If no request is made after the SIXTH (6th) session within THIRTY (30) days, the deposit will be forfeited.

    • Any inquiries regarding the refund policy can be submitted via email to


    • If you have any questions or concerns about how NESTRON collects and uses your personal data, or would like to exercise any of the rights mentioned above, you can contact us via email at

    • Your right to access or correct your personal information is subject to applicable legal restrictions. Before granting access or making corrections, NESTRON may take reasonable steps to verify your identity.

    • If NESTRON needs or is required, to contact you regarding any event involving your personal information, we may contact you by email or phone.